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Brickell IP Group, an experienced copyright infringement attorney in Miami. Our lawyers provide a wide variety of valuable copyright related services in Miami and nearby locations including Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and the Keys.


Copyright infringement law firm in Miami with dedicated professional attorneys and experienced lawyers

We have significant experience in protecting and enforcing our clients’ copyrights.  Whether through drafting and negotiating license and assignment agreements, identifying work-for-hire issues, or handling authorship and joint authorship matters, the attorneys at The Brickell IP Group regularly assist clients in building and securing their copyright portfolios.  In addition to providing our clients with strategic advice relating to growing and increasing the value of their copyright portfolios, we can also provide our clients with more specific copyright-related issues such as open source and service level agreements. 

We have experience with a wide spectrum of copyrightable works, including but not limited to music, literature, fictional characters, architectural works, websites, and software.  We can also assist our clients with protecting and enforcing copyrights internationally by working with competent attorneys abroad to register copyrights.  We also have experience conducting due diligence reviews and counseling our clients in acquisitions involving copyrighted works and portfolios. 

We not only counsel with transactional copyright issues, but also counsel clients with enforcing copyrights and defending copyright claims in federal court litigation throughout the country, at both the trial and appellate level.  Through our network of foreign counsel, we can also coordinate enforcement of our clients’ copyrights in jurisdictions throughout the world, including identifying and issuing cease and desist letters to potential infringers in those jurisdictions.

In today’s fast-paced and evolving business world, we also provide our clients with counseling relating to online copyright and social media issues.  We also have experience handling matters involving the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), including filing and responding to take-down notices, establishing online enforcement strategies and policies, and ensuring compliance with the DMCA’s safe harbor provisions.